A collection of convenient stainless-steel food containers to have your favourite foods always with you: on the go, at work, at school and in your free time. You can enjoy a good and healthy dish even away from home.

The Tunda series

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Who is behind Quota Natura?

I'm Stefano Ottoni, a craftsman who has been working
with stainless steel since he was a boy, when he helped his family in the small workshop
near his home, in a small village in the Piedmontese Alps.

Quota Natura was born by combining my creativity, my long experience and the passion I
have always had for outdoor life with the goal of offering unique, high quality and
handmade products, with the utmost respect for the environment that surrounds me.

… During your hikes

With little space in the backpack, you can take your favourite foods with you

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... In moments of relax

The contact with harmless materials will best preserve the nutrients in your meal.

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… At work

You can enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner and when you get home, you just need to put Tunda in the dishwasher.

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  • 100% recyclable material

  • Use of renewable energy sources during the manufacturing process

  • No harmful substances in the product and in the manufacturing process

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