Environmental engagement

All aspects of the "Quota Natura" activity are involved in the fight against climate change. Our commitment is to phase out fossil fuels, from product manufacturing, to packaging and transport.


The spirit that led me to design Tunda is the same that influences me in its manufacture. Each component is built using the energy source that has the least impact on the environment: the sun, the main source of life and nourishment on earth.

Quality stainless steel

Since I was a boy, I have helped my family in a small workshop working with stainless steel and discovering its qualities over the time. I understood how precious and indispensable this material in everyday life is, because it is stainless, resistant, durable, hygienic and perfectly recyclable.

Why handcrafted?

Each item is worked with great passion down to the smallest detail: from the toggle latches to the cutlery and to every single component, so that you can receive a unique product.

Choose the one which bests suits your needs